Tour overview

Excursion to Asilah from Tangier

Our Excursion to Asilah start in the morning from Tangier; and drive to the one of the best caost city in Morocco;

While tourism dominates, Asilah is said to offer a good introduction to Morocco. It hosts annual music and arts festivals, including a mural-painting festival. Thursday is market day. The International Cultural Festival, held in August, features jazz and Moroccan music as well as art exhibitions. The festival is also the occasion for mural painting in which the medina’s houses are painted with new murals every year.

Many of the houses of Asilah feature mashrabiya (oriel windows). The main cultural center is the Centre Hassan II des Rencontres Internationales (housed in a former Spanish barracks), which hosts festivals in the summer.

The medina

The old walled town (medina) of Asilah is well-preserved and dates mostly from the Portuguese occupation (15th-16th century) and afterwards. The medina has been heavily restored; and its buildings are typically painted white, with occasionally blue or green, in addition to which can be found many of the murals created during the International Cultural Festival. Though the Portuguese rebuilt its outline of walls, it has the typical maze-like layout and alleys of an old Moroccan city.

Finally back to Tangier and ends of our Excursion from to Asilah.


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